Tuesday, 16 June 2015

American Healthcare Technologies!! Healthcare at Your Fingertips!!!

american-healthcare-technologies-ahtAmerican Healthcare Technologies (AHT) is one of the leading health care service provider. AHT excel with up-to-date medical technologies, e-clinical works, medical software systems, etc. We are headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA and India. We have highly qualified, experienced, efficient professionals to provide best quality services to hospitals, clinics, doctors, patients, etc. American Healthcare Technologies has gained a distinct position in the healthcare industry.

AHT provides the following services.
  • services-provided-by-ahtElectronic Health Records (EHR) Software
  • Personal Health Records (PHR) Software
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Medical Animation
  • Managed Care
  • Software Development
  • Financial Analysis

EHR is a digital version of patient details. By this real time system, authorized users can securely & instantly access patient centered records information.

PHR tool is an electronic application, that can use to collect, track, maintain and manage current & past health information in a secure, private, and confidential environment. It can save the money and inconvenience of repeating medical tests. It is commonly used by the patients.

Medical Billing is the procedure of submitting and following up on cases with health insurance agencies in order to get payment for administrations rendered by a healthcare service provider.
Medical Coding is also known as Medical classification, which is the procedure of changing the description of medicinal diagnosis & procedures into universal medical code numbers.

Medical Animation is mostly used as an instructional tool for medical specialists or patients. 3D computer graphics are used to render medical animation.

Managed Care is a healthcare system used to reduce the cost of providing quality health benefits.

AHT gives ERP and Business Intelligence solutions in addition with customized software that meet customer needs. The AHT programming group consists of SAP, Java, .Net, Oracle, Open Source, and security specialists.

Financial Analysis/Accounting Analysis/Financial Statement Analysis/Analysis of Finance is used to analyze the stability , viability & profitability of a business or project.

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