Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Secure and Accurate Personal Health Records (PHR) Software

To monitor all health data, such as health checkup reports, test results, scanning reports, dosage of drugs, hereditary health problems, healthcare service providers, keep your own PHR (Personal Health Records) Software. It is an electronic application utilized by patients to keep and manage their health details in a private, secure, and secret environment.

The Personal Health Records (PHR) is an apparatus that you can use to gather, track and share past and current data about your health or the health of somebody in your care. Sometimes this data can save you the cash and inconvenience of repeating routine medical tests. Even when routine techniques do should be repeated, your PHR can give healthcare providers more insight into your own health story.

Remember, you are at the last responsible person for taking decisions about your health. A PHR can help you to do that.

Vital points to think about a Personal Health Record:
  • Patients have access to their complete health data.
  • Data in your PHR should be exact, reliable, and complete.
  • You should have control over how your health details is accessed, utilized, and revealed.
  • A PHR may be independent from and does not typically replace the legal medical record of any supplier.
 PHR software

Electronic Medical Records and your own health record (PHR) are not the same thing. Medical records contain data about your health gathered and kept up by each of your healthcare providers.

Advantages of PHR
  • In an emergency you can rapidly give emergency personnel details, for example, a disease you're being treated for, past surgeries or hospitalizations, medicines you take, drug allergies, and contact details of your doctor.
  • Not only permits you to share data to your healthcare service providers and enables you to deal with your health between visits.
  • PHR allows you to track and access to your health information.
  • PHR empowers you to get organized.
  • You can deal with your health between visits.
  • Enhancing health and managing malady.
3 versions of PHR
  • A provider claimed and maintained health data made accessible to patients. Read only access for patients. Information is managed by the healthcare provider.
  • A patient-owned software program that lets people enter, manage and take their own health data and that catches the patient's issues, side effects, symptoms, contact details, etc.
  • A compatible, interoperable digital document in which you chose, clinically relevant health information can be secured, managed, and transferred. Platforms for portable PHRs include smart cards, personal digital assistants, mobile phones and USB gadgets that can be connected to any computer.

PHR Architecture
3 primary parts :
Information :
The data gathered, stored, analyzed, and transferred by the PHR.
Ex : medical records

Infrastructure :
The platform that handles information storage, processing, and transfer.
Ex : stand-alone software programs / websites

Applications :
The data exchange, information analysis, and content delivery abilities of the system.
Ex: Patient education

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